Several months ago, Hope’s Cry was made aware of a set of 3-year-old quadruplets in desperate need of assistance. They were living in a remote village in Uganda with 9 siblings and an elderly father. In the spring of 2017, their mother died of cancer and their father was left with an enormous debt to pay from her medical care. With minimal resources to pay off this debt, the father was facing debtor’s prison, leaving his 13 children to provide for themselves. 

We began to tell their story, and people like you responded to their great need. Because of the generous donations of God’s people, HCI has paid the father’s debt in full, and further helped this family by bringing the quadruplets to Hope Children’s Village where all their physical, spiritual and emotional needs will be met by our loving staff. All of this has been made possible by those who saw the need and partnered with us to meet that need. 

Thank you for your gifts and your prayers! 



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  • JoJo Kienke

    Love this picture of Samuel and these 4 precious children! God has truly blessed this ministry with joy and love. The staff in USA and Uganda are truly hand picked from God and are such a blessing to the children of Hope’s Village.

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