Rescuing Children

We are committed to raising up the next Generation of Hope around the world.

Save A Life

Equipping Churches

We train local pastors and ministers to take the Hope of the Gospel to their villages.

Spread The Gospel

Transforming Communities

We build a bright future by giving aid and education to those who need it most.

Change The World


From Donors Just Like You

Clean Water Saves Lives!

This water runoff is a common source of drinking water in the villages of Uganda. Hundreds of children get sick from easily preventable waterborne illnesses every single day.

You can help us change that! Since 2013, we’ve supplied hundreds of families with clean water filters and in 2016-17 we built our first and second well. We are ready to begin construction on a third well project in a remote village with no access to clean drinking water. You can help us change lives today!

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Hope Makes All The Difference

Medical Miracles

Thousands of people in Uganda die each year from preventable and treatable disease. Many simply don’t have access to the specialized care they need. We are working to change that by bringing in doctors and building a clinic.

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The Hope Of The Gospel

Hope is the most powerful poverty-defeating force in the universe. We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest need of humanity and the hope it gives is the key to eternal release from poverty.

Help Us Take The Gospel To Them

A New Generation Of Hope

In 2014, our vision for a new generation of hope began with the rescue of 12 precious orphans and the establishing of Hope Children’s Village. Today, Hope Children’s Village is a center for change in the community.

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The Power Of Hope


Children Attending Bible Conferences


Families Provided Clean Water


People Provided Medical Care


Bibles Distributed To Local Churches

Can You Hear Their Cry For Hope?


Hope Children’s Village is one of only five certified orphanages in the Teso region of Uganda.


We have distributed water filters to 800+ families since 2012 and built two wells serving more than 500 families in 2016-17.


We are advancing the future of ministry in Uganda through training pastors and distributing Bibles and Christian resources.


We have pioneered a mentorship program for outcast deaf people in Uganda who have no ability to communicate.


We offer specialized surgeries and healthcare for those who don’t have access to necessary care.


We have taught thousands of children through programs for primary education, health and hygiene and Bible training.

Our Three C's

Children Are The Future

“Raising Up The Next Generation Of Hope”

We are dedicated to training and mentoring the next generation of leaders in developing countries through:

Currently, we are raising funds to build a private school and skills center.

Education For A Brighter Future

Teaching Children To Transcend Poverty

Children growing up in third-world countries have limited access to basic education and training. We provide general education, skills training and Biblical mentorship to enable children to lead the way to a better future.



We work closely with local churches in Uganda for ministry. We believe strongly that the church is the foundation of a nation.

We are dedicated to equipping churches through:

  • Pastor’s Training Centers
  • Evangelism Training Conferences
  • Discipleship

We believe that strong churches are the foundation of strong communities, and strong communities are the foundation of a strong nation. Many pastors in Uganda do not even own a Bible and preach only from the stories they’ve been told by missionaries. Hope’s Cry is committed to teaching and discipling church leadership in Uganda.

Discipling Believers to Disciple Believers

Our work in Uganda is centered around mentoring believers to carry on the work of the Gospel. They know how to best reach their people, if only they had the training and resources to do so. We empower ministers to take the Gospel to their people and share the hope that we have in Christ.



Hope At A Community Level

The Hope of the Gospel is for all people. As more people come to know this hope, whole communities are be transformed. Our goal is to bring about change at the community level through:

  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Christian Evangelism
  • Education

Our initiatives are centered around bringing communities together and empowering them to see beyond their poverty. By providing clean water, building schools, Bible education, children’s ministries, emergency relief and many other programs, we help communities to create a better future for themselves.

It Starts With You

It Takes A Village To Reach A Village

We need your help to continue reaching out to communities in Uganda. Join the movement of ordinary people doing extraordinary work today.

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